As Twitter Plans to Purge Inactive Crypto Accounts, Community Pushes for Memorialization of One Bitcoin User

Hal Finney received the first Bitcoin in a transaction from Satoshi Nakamoto himself. Jack Dorsey, who is in charge of Twitter, is a massive fan of Bitcoin.

Twitter is a massive social media platform, allowing millions of users to sign up for accounts to post to their friends, family, and other followers. Recently, the platform announced that all accounts that had no activity for at least six months would be purged, allowing usernames to be freed up that have been taken by inactive bots and other former users.

In this massive purge, it looks like there will be millions of accounts deleted, and one of the many accounts that stands to be lost is that of Hal Finney, a famous cryptographer that received the first Bitcoin from creator Satoshi Nakamoto. Finney passed away in 2014, though he continued to be involved with Bitcoin discussions throughout his long battle with ALS. His family chose to use the donations from the public on the preservation of his body by cryogenically freezing it.

Considering the history marked by Finney, it is possible that the Twitter CEO will make an exception in this massive cleanup. After all, Dorsey has continually been a proponent of Bitcoin who even developed his own team to work on contributing to the ecosystem of the coin. Furthermore, he purchases about $10,000 in Bitcoin nearly every week, and even believes that Bitcoin will end up being the currency of the world, so it would make sense for him to preserve these momentous tweets.

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Author: Krystle M

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