25,000 Retail Stores, Including Sephora and Decathlon To Accept BTC In France By 2020

The Crypto Revolution is coming to France. According to an announcement made during the Paris Retail Week, over 25,000 retail stores will have support for Bitcoin payments until early 2020. This will include 30 French retailers from large chains such as Sephora and Decathlon.

This will happen because of a partnership between Global POS, EasyWallet, Easy2Play and these stores. With the partnership, BTC payments will be led to several different businesses in the country. Payments will be made in BTC but the money will always be receiving in euros by the merchants.

Deskoin and Savitar are in charging of converting the payments, which will be made in accordance with the Digital Asset Service Provider act. Other stores that will get Bitcoin payments include Cultura, Norauto, Foot Locker, Intersport and Boulanger.

Global POS CEO Stéphane Dijane affirmed that this is an important step to evolve how payments are made in France. According to her, this would prompt the country into entering Economy 3.0 by letting the citizens use crypto to make payments.

One of the goals of the initiative is to broaden the adoption of cryptos as a method of payment. France already has around 4 million crypto owners and the number is bound to increase if people discover that they have more options for how to use these assets.

At the moment, however, Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency that will be used in the program. Dijaine affirmed that the company wants to give the customers more options soon, but that this is, unfortunately, not possible at the moment.

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Author: Gabriel Machado

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